Spotify Boilerplate App

A while ago we were proud to be releasing 2 of the very first Spotify Apps in the Netherlands at NoProtocol. For a long time since I’ve been planning on creating a Boilerplate in which we could put all the best practices and redo some stuff in hindsight. And finally, it’s here! You can grab it at For a bit more in-depth information, read on .. The Boilerplate project aims to provide a foundation upon which you can start building Spotify Apps.

Spotify Preview Build expired

Today I decided to tinker some more on our Spotify App, only to find that the Preview Build had expired, and was not gonna launch. Period. Great, so now what? Small update From IRC: chiel: Hi guys, just a small update about the expired preview build we’re aware of the issue and will put a new one up today however, we’re in San Francisco for a hackday, where it is now 8.