Let's build: An AngularJS app with Browserify and Gulp

Today I want to show a generic workflow and setup I have used a lot lately when working on building apps with Angular. It uses Gulp as a CI system and Browserify to minimize code clutter and maximize awesomeness. So let’s jump in. Update 21 october 2014 - Frickle As with most things, boilerplates evolve. I decided to expand the boilerplate we’re building below with a backend for the API side, as well as cleaning up some things based on new findings and updated modules.

How to use environment variables in your Angular application

If you develop a website that uses multiple environments such as development, staging and production you probably have a configuration file of sorts to handle things like database settings, mail server credentials, and so on for your backend system. But how do you handle such variables in the front-end? Specifically, in an AngularJS App? For instance, you might have a seperate API you’re talking to for your content, which has a different location locally, than on your production server.