Launching a webservice: defining your MVP

When you have an idea for a webapp it's easy to get lost into neat little features. But do you need all of them straight away? How do you define your Minimal Viable Product

The best boilerplate app is the one you code yourself

Boilerplate apps are great. They let you get your next project up and running quickly, and usually provide some form of structure you can follow. But the best boilerplate app is the one you code yourself.

Using Vue Components in your Express app

I have been a big fan of the .vue files, but I wanted to use them in a traditional non-SPA site. Luckily, you can!

Exploring the wonderous world of image processing

I always wanted to toy around with an image recognition library but it always felt kinda daunting. Today we'll explore this together to detect license plates.

I made a tool to track your whole site's Pagespeed

We usually focus on getting the homepage Pagespeed to 90+, but what about the rest of the pages? I made a tool to help with this.

Sorting tags in Jekyll

How to sort your site.tags alphabetically in your Jekyll blog

Setting up Laravel with Docker Compose

Maintaining a local server for your projects can become cumbersome and can cause conflicts with your co-workers. Streamlining this with Docker makes sure everyone is in on the same page.

Getting started with the PanResponder in React Native

Inside React Native you can use the PanResponder to recognise multi-touch gestures as well as swipes and other touches that make native apps feel snappy and intuitive. But getting it up and running can feel daunting and borderline black magic. In this post I'll try and guide you through the process, hopefully demystifying it a bit and get you on track to awesomeness.

React Storybook

Recently React Storybook came out. It's a tool to isolate your React Components to develop and design them outside of your app. I'll be walking through setting it up

Getting your React Native App on an iOS device

As I was playing around with the awesome React Native library I encountered a few small hicups getting an app running on an actual device, so here's how I made it work for me.

Writing Browserify modules for your Angular app

Following up on my previous post I got a few questions on how to create modules for your app. Let me show you.

Recording a website with PhantomJS and FFMpeg

When I realised you could easily generate screenshots from a site with PhantomJS I just needed to know if I could take it one step further, and record a video.

Let's build: An AngularJS app with Browserify and Gulp

Today I want to show a generic workflow and setup I have used a lot lately when working on building apps with Angular. It uses Gulp as a CI system and Browserify to minimize code clutter and maximize awesomeness.

How to use environment variables in your Angular application

I will explain how to use environment variables in your Angular app

HTTPIe, a command line HTTP client

Curl on steroids with an easy interface and syntax highlighted output.

Blogging with CabinJS and Grunt

My experience while rebuilding this blog with CabinJS and Grunt

A more colourful cat in your shell

Let me show you how you can get syntax highlighted output from cat in the terminal

Customize the terminal

In this post I want to show you how you can customize the terminal to not only make it look cool but work better, too

Getting used to Vim

Trying not to touch the arrow keys, not use the h-j-k-l too extensively either, work with A and I a lot, and generally trying not to cock things up too much by hitting the wrong commands.

Updated the PHPUnit CakePHP installer

Updated the PHPUnit CakePHP installer

Blogging with Octopress

My experiences while converting this blog to an Octopress one

Spotify Boilerplate App

A Boilerplate with best practices to kickstart your Spotify App

Good times with Watchr, Coffeescript and LESS

With this little gem you can watch specific folders or file extensions and run commands based on the files you watch.

Format associative JSON to work with Knockout.js

How to format an associative array in JSON with Knockout

Using Sessions in PHPUnit Tests with CakePHP

How to use sessions within your unit tests using PHPUnit and CakePHP

Spotify Preview Build expired

The Spotify Preview build has expired

Updated LESS component for CakePHP

A small update to my LESS component for CakePHP

Loading external files in PHP the better way

Loading external assets with curl is not only easy, it's also a lot faster than file_get_contents

PHPUnit Installer updated to 3.6.4

PHPUnit Installer updated to 3.6.4

Installing PHPUnit manually for CakePHP 2.0

How to install PHPUnit manually for CakePHP 2.0

Use GZip with PHP

In this post I will show you how to add GZip to your PHP application

Using LESS in CakePHP

Let me show you how to use a little helper so you can use LESS in your next CakePHP project

Using Markdown in CakePHP

Let me show you how you can use Markdown within your next CakePHP project

How to remove a Submodule from your Git repository

In this short post I will show you how to get rid of a Git submodule

How to handle multiple domains with CakePHP

The following setup can work nicely when you develop your sites locally and don't want to change the configuration every time you upload it.

Using SASS in your next CakePHP project

I heard a lot about SASS, mostly a lot of people raving about how it was the best thing since chocolate.

Setting up CakePHP with MAMP Pro on Mac OSX

I'd like to use my first post to describe how I set up new projects in a simple way that works best for me.