Good times with Watchr, Coffeescript and LESS

I have been working on a pure HTML front-end for one of the pet projects I’m doing. A lot of fun, but while developing, running the terminal commands to compile both the .less and .coffee files gets a tad tedious. “Watchr” to the rescue! With this little gem you can watch specific folders or file extensions and run commands based on the files you watch. Here is how I got it set up now .

Updated LESS component for CakePHP

I decided to have a look at Twitter Bootstrap 2, and had it run through my LESS Component. I then realized the component didn’t support subfolders! So this is just to let you guys know I wrote a small tweak, and now it works perfectly :) If you have any other alterations you would like to see feel free to fork, or drop me a comment below. The new version: https://github.

Using LESS in CakePHP

I was a bit bored this morning with my previous Less component, so decided to rewrite the thing and added some new features such as caching. It’s pretty straightforward and simple to set up. If you can’t wait, the code is available here. For more information, read on. This little helper converts your .less files into .css without relying on Node.js Installation Clone Clone from github: in your plugin directory type: