Exploring the wonderous world of image processing

I’ve always been intrigued by image processing. Especially by programs that can actually detect objects in images. However, I’ve never done anything serious with this except for the odd API calls to various Cloud based services like Google Vision, Watson or Clarifai. I always wanted to toy around with a library that makes these services tick, such as OpenCV, but it requires installing some OS specific tools and the whole thing always feels daunting so I never really got anywhere with this.

Writing Browserify modules for your Angular app

Following up on my previous Let’s Build an angular app with Browserify post I got a few questions on how to create modules for your app. Let me show you. -- If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve read the walkthrough on how to set up the environment to work with Browserify and Gulp, so you can follow along. Basically, what you do when you require() a module, is looking for what the script you require exposes to the outside world through module.

Recording a website with PhantomJS and FFMpeg

When I realised you could easily generate screenshots from a site with PhantomJS I just needed to know if I could take it one step further, and record a video. The goal What I wanted was to record 10 seconds of video from a random website and output it as a .mp4. For this short demo I decided we should go with one of the fun examples on Pixi.JS as they’re interesting to capture.