Setting up Laravel with Docker Compose

Maintaining a local server for your projects can become cumbersome and can cause conflicts with your co-workers. Streamlining this with Docker makes sure everyone is in on the same page.

Loading external files in PHP the better way

Loading external assets with curl is not only easy, it's also a lot faster than file_get_contents

Installing PHPUnit manually for CakePHP 2.0

How to install PHPUnit manually for CakePHP 2.0

Use GZip with PHP

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Using Markdown in CakePHP

Let me show you how you can use Markdown within your next CakePHP project

How to handle multiple domains with CakePHP

The following setup can work nicely when you develop your sites locally and don't want to change the configuration every time you upload it.

Setting up CakePHP with MAMP Pro on Mac OSX

I'd like to use my first post to describe how I set up new projects in a simple way that works best for me.